The entire area is well known for outdoor activities that include fishing and boating on Lake Granbury and the Brazos River, visiting state parks, and golfing on any of the area’s 7 golf courses.

Conveniently located between Granbury to the north and Glen Rose to the south.


Granbury’s popular and historic downtown district is located approximately 8 miles north of Midway Pines. Granbury is a popular tourist area with numerous family friendly activities including museums, an outdoor drive-in theater, opera house, festivals, coffee shops, winery, and plenty of shopping. Lake Granbury is an 8,700 acre lake with 103 miles of shoreline that provides bountiful opportunities for jet skiing, boating, water skiing, and year round fishing.

Glen Rose

Just minutes to the south is Glen Rose, which includes popular tourist destinations such as Dinosaur Valley State Park and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Dinosaur Valley  State  Park offers tourists the ability to find numerous dinosaur  tracks along the Paluxy  River as well as the ability to camp, hike, mountain bike, swim, and fish. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a 1,800 acre wild life center representing over 1,000 animals and 50 species of native and non-native animals. Tourists have the ability to drive their vehicles through the park and feed the animals. A very popular and family friendly tourist attraction!